What To Put On Top Of Steak? The Perfect Steak Topping

Steak is one of the most popular dishes worldwide for good reason. A perfectly cooked steak’s rich, savory flavor is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. However, if you’re looking to take your steak to the next level, you need to consider what to put on top of steak.

While some people might prefer a simple steak with just a sprinkle of salt and pepper, others prefer to load their steak with toppings like butter, mushrooms, or cheese. In this article, we will explore some of the best toppings for steak and help you find the perfect combination that will elevate your steak game to new heights.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Steak Topping

What To Put On Top Of Steak The Perfect Steak Topping

When devouring a juicy steak, the topping you choose can make all the difference. Choosing the right steak topping can enhance flavor and elevate the dining experience. Factual data reveals that the right topping can enhance the meal’s nutrition. A topping like mushrooms can add vitamin D to the meal, whereas garlic can provide numerous health benefits. 

People who go easy on their diet can opt for a topping like broccoli, an excellent fiber source. Apart from nutritional facts, the right topping can add various textures and unique flavors to the steak. One can pick from various options like sautéed onions, blue cheese, or creamy béarnaise sauce to add a distinctive flavor to the steak. 

In a nutshell, the right steak topping can make a world of difference to the dining experience- it can add nutrition, flavor, and texture to fuel up the taste buds of the diners.

What To Put On Top Of Steak?

When it comes to steak, the right toppings can elevate the taste to the next level. Blue cheese crumbles are an excellent choice for those who love a sharp flavor, especially when melted onto a ribeye. Other crumbly cheeses like gorgonzola and feta also work well as steak toppings. Adding a pinch of salt can intensify the flavor of the steak further. 

Homemade spreadable compound butter or a gremolata comprising minced garlic, lemon zest, chopped parsley, basil, thyme, or mint can brighten the dish. For a burst of tanginess, cilantro lime butter is a delightful option. Those who are adventurous can try the Crab Oscar Steak topping to enjoy a surf-and-turf experience. 

And for the perfect companion to a steak, baked potatoes in the instant pot are a quick and easy way to round out the meal.

Experimenting With Homemade Sauces And Marinades To Add Depth Of Flavor To Your Steak

For those looking to add a bit more pizzazz to their steak, experimenting with homemade sauces and marinades can provide a depth of flavor that store-bought options can’t match. Contrary to popular belief, marinades primarily act as a surface treatment but still offer a range of benefits, from increased moisture to the infusion of flavors from spices and other ingredients. 

Vinegar-based sauces can offer a punchy, tart flavor that works with the beef, while Worcestershire sauce adds depth to heartier cuts like beef stew. Additionally, various spices and other elements, such as roasted garlic and compound butter, can elevate even the simplest cut of beef to new heights. 

With various homemade sauces and marinades available to explore, the possibilities for culinary experimentation are virtually endless.

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Classic Steak Toppings And Their Flavors.

What To Put On Top Of Steak The Perfect Steak Topping

When it comes to steak, toppings can take it up a notch and add new dimensions to its flavor profile. From rich and creamy sauces to sautéed vegetables, here are some classic steak toppings and their delicious flavors.

  1. Mushrooms and onions sautéed in butter: This classic combination is a tried-and-true favorite. The sweetness of the onions and the earthy flavor of mushrooms make for a perfect pairing with steak.
  2. Blue cheese: The tangy and pungent flavor of blue cheese can cut through the richness of the steak and add a bold flavor.
  3. Béarnaise sauce: This creamy sauce made with butter, egg yolks, vinegar, and herbs is a classic steak topping that adds a tangy, savory flavor.
  4. Chimichurri: This vibrant and zesty sauce made with parsley, garlic, and vinegar adds a bright flavor to the steak.
  5. Caramelized onions: The sweetness of caramelized onions complements the savory flavor of steak and adds a rich, complex flavor.
  6. Hollandaise sauce: Similar to Béarnaise sauce, this rich and creamy sauce made with egg yolks, butter, and lemon juice is a perfect topping for steak.
  7. Sautéed bell peppers: The sweetness of bell peppers adds a nice contrast to the meaty flavor of the steak.
  8. Horseradish: Horseradish’s sharp and savory flavor can give your steak a spicy kick.
  9. Tomato and basil: The freshness of the tomato and the herbaceous flavor of basil make a great topping for steak.
  10. Garlic butter: This simple yet delicious topping made with butter and garlic adds a rich and savory flavor to the steak.
  11. Red wine sauce: A rich and flavorful sauce made with red wine, beef stock, and herbs can elevate your steak to a new level.
  12. Peppercorn sauce: This creamy sauce made with cream and crushed peppercorns is a classic steakhouse topping that adds a spicy and rich flavor.
  13. Mushroom sauce: A creamy sauce made with mushrooms, cream, and herbs can add a rich and earthy flavor to the steak.
  14. Mustard sauce: The tangy and spicy flavor of mustard can cut through the richness of steak and add a savory flavor.
  15. Sautéed spinach: Accompanied by garlic and lemon, sautéed spinach can add a fresh and healthy contrast to steak.

In conclusion, steak toppings can add an exciting dimension to a classic dish. From simple sautéed vegetables to rich and decadent sauces, there are endless options. Whatever your preference, there’s a topping out there that will make your steak even more delicious.

Unique And Creative Steak Toppings To Try.

  1. Garlic Herb Butter – Melted herb butter over a sizzling steak is a classic topping. Add garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme, or chipotle for extra flavor.
  2. Peppercorn Sauce – A creamy, peppery sauce is perfect for a juicy steak.
  3. Cilantro Lime Butter – This tangy and herbaceous butter is great for brightening up any cut of steak.
  4. Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions – A classic topping, sauteed mushrooms and onions with butter and garlic add depth and texture to a delicious steak.
  5. Crab Oscar Steak Topping – Top your steak with crab, asparagus, and hollandaise sauce for a touch of elegance.
  6. Gremolata – A simple combination of minced garlic, lemon zest, and chopped parsley (or basil, thyme, mint) can brighten up the flavors of your steak.
  7. Chimichurri – A South American herb sauce made with parsley, garlic, red pepper flakes, and vinegar can take your steak to the next level.
  8. Cilantro Pesto – A twist on the classic basil pesto, cilantro pesto adds a unique flavor to your steak.
  9. Peanut Sauce – Perfect for steak wraps, a peanut sauce with soy sauce, sesame oil, and ginger can add a complex flavor to your dish.
  10. Hoisin-Based Sauce – Hoisin sauce mixed with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and other spices can add a sweet and savory flavor to your steak.
  11. Mustard Sauce – Spicy mustard can cut through the richness of a steak and add a tangy kick.
  12. Salsa – Try a spicy tomato salsa with onions and cilantro for a fresh and bright topping.
  13. Blue Cheese Butter – Mix softened butter with blue cheese crumbles for a rich and creamy topping for blue cheese lovers.
  14. Red Wine Reduction – A red wine sauce with garlic, butter, and thyme can add a luxurious finish to your steak.
  15. Bacon Jam – For a luxurious topping, try spreading bacon jam on your steak for a sweet and savory flavor.

Pairing Steak Toppings With Different Types Of Steak

When grilling up a delicious steak, choosing the right toppings can take your meal to the next level. Certain toppings pair better than others, depending on the type of steak you are cooking. For example, a juicy ribeye steak pairs perfectly with sautéed mushrooms and onions, while a rich béarnaise sauce enhances a tender filet mignon. 

A classic sirloin steak can be elevated with a tangy chimichurri sauce or creamy blue cheese crumbles. The key is to balance the flavors and textures of the steak and toppings. Experimenting with different combinations can also be a fun way to discover new flavor profiles. 

Whether grilling up a steak for a special occasion or just a weeknight dinner, pairing the right toppings can make all the difference in creating a truly delicious meal.

Tips For Pairing Steak Toppings With Different Cuts Of Steak.

  1. Consider the Cut: Different cuts of steak pair better with certain toppings and wine. For example, a filet mignon pairs well with creamy or buttery sauces, while a ribeye is better suited for bold, savory toppings.
  2. Lean Cuts: When choosing a wine to pair with leaner cuts of steak, opt for lighter, juicier reds. Pinot Noir and Beaujolais are great options.
  3. Fatty Cuts: Richer, fattier cuts of steak call for bolder wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, to balance out the flavors.
  4. BBQ Sauce: Be bold and use barbecue sauce with your steak! It pairs well with smokier cuts, like tri-tip or brisket.
  5. Creamy Toppings: Creamy mushroom or béarnaise sauce pairs well with bold and robust red wines, like Zinfandel or Syrah.
  6. Bold and Spicy Toppings: If your steak has bold and spicy toppings, such as chimichurri or salsa, pair it with a fruity and flavorful red wine, such as a Merlot or Grenache.
  7. Charred Steaks: Choose a big, bold Cabernet Sauvignon for grilled steaks with a thick char to balance out the flavors.
  8. Seek Expert Advice: Ask the restaurant’s sommelier for suggestions when in doubt. They can guide you in choosing the perfect wine to complement your steak and its toppings.

Pairing wine and steak can be intimidating, but by considering the cut of meat and its toppings, you can confidently choose a wine that will enhance the flavors of your meal. Feel free to experiment with different pairings, and remember to trust your taste buds!

The Best Way To Cook Your Steak With Toppings

When cooking the perfect steak, there are few things more important than the toppings you choose. Fortunately, there are countless options out there to explore. From compound butter to gremolata, the possibilities are endless. Cilantro lime butter is an excellent option, which provides a wonderfully fresh taste. 

Another tasty choice is a Crab Oscar steak topping made with crab meat, lemon juice, hot sauce, and sour cream. If you’re looking for something simpler, sautéed mushrooms and onions in garlic and butter can also be a great accompaniment. Pan-searing is the best method to cook the steak itself, leaving the meat juicy and tender. 

Of course, the toppings will vary depending on the desired flavor profile, so get creative and experiment with different herbs and spices to find your perfect fit.

Dressing Up Your Steak

Dressing up your steak can take it from a simple protein to a mouth-watering meal that will leave you and your guests wanting more. A variety of toppings and sauces can be added to elevate the flavor and texture of your steak. An easy method to add flavor is to make a compound butter with herbs and spices, which can be added to the steak while cooking or served on top after. 

A Chimichurri Sauce, made with fresh herbs and garlic, is another great way to add flavor to your steak. For those looking for a quick and easy option, try one of the ten speedy sauces the cookery team recommends. Remember to season your steak with salt and pepper before grilling, and deglazing with wine and beef stock can create a delicious pan sauce to serve alongside your steak. 

With these tips and tricks, you can dress up your steak to impress your guests or treat yourself to a tasty meal.


Q: What are some options for topping a steak?

A: There are countless options for topping a delicious steak. Some popular choices include blue cheese for a sharp flavor, mushrooms and onions sauteed in butter and garlic, a creamy blend of mushrooms, butter, cream, black pepper, and zesty cilantro lime butter.

Q: Can you make a chunky sauce for a steak topping?

A: Yes, it’s possible to make a chunky sauce for a steak topping. Blend the ingredients until they’re well-integrated, or leave them chunky for added texture.

Q: What is a classic steak sauce?

A: A classic steak sauce is peppercorn sauce. It’s a time-tested choice for any steak lover and offers a hint of spice.

Q: What are some other toppings that pair well with steak?

A: Fresh pickled vegetables, compound butter, and other savory sauces can all be delicious paired with a hot and juicy steak. Experiment with different ingredients to find the perfect combination for your taste buds.

Final Thoughts On Elevating Your Steak Game With Delicious Toppings.

And there you have it, a list of perfect steak toppings to take your steak from good to great. Whether you prefer a classic herb butter or something more unconventional like chimichurri, there’s a topping for every taste. Now it’s your turn to weigh in – what’s your favorite steak topping? Let us know in the comments below. Happy grilling!


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